North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition

Cody and Deanna Sand

​Cody and Deanna Sand ranch in Dickey and McIntosh Counties near the South Dakota border.
Since learning about holistic management in 2011 their focus is on quality of life and low input ranching.
Sands calve in June, in sync with nature.  They have put 400 acres of expired CRP back into grazing land.  They utilize a planned grazing system consisting of 64 permanent paddocks.  They graze year-round and in the winter they incorporate bale grazing on degraded farm ground to build organic matter, increase forage growth and regenerate the land.

Cody and Deanna Sand's areas of expertise are:
  • Goal Setting/Decision Making
  • Water Development
  • Fencing
  • Grazing Management
  • Economics
  • Winter Grazing
  • Calving with Nature

Home: 701-357-7011
Cell: 701-535-1052

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