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Holistic Management Training

Joshua Dukart of Seek First Holistic Solutions near Hazen, ND has been practicing Holistic Management since 2008, identifying and working toward financial, environmental and social goals. His family has made career changes, family decisions and managed resources using their Holistic Management Context.

Joshua is a Certified Educator of Holistic Management. He speaks and regularly teaches on an international basis. Joshua has a degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from North Dakota State University. In the last decade, his career has progressed from Engineer to Soil Conservationist to Educator, Speaker, Consultant, Rancher & Business owner.

Joshua has been fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and progressive holistic managers in the world, including some right here in ND with the Burleigh County Soil Conservation District and the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition. His travels have afforded him the opportunity to observe and learn from direct management in many different and challenging environments.

Joshua’s experience with regenerative ranching, soil health, multispecies livestock, direct marketing, wildlife management & community building has allowed him to speak & teach to various organizations. Joshua was recognized as one of North Dakota’s Top 40 Professionals Under Age 40 in 2012. Cattle Business Weekly presented Joshua with a Top 10 National Industry Leaders Award in 2015.

Joshua and his wife Tara and their two young children have relocated to Joshua’s family ranch near Hazen, ND, where they have assumed management of Seek First Ranch.  Their operation focuses on using the principles of Holistic Management to regenerate and enhance the land, animals, finances and
the quality of life.

HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT TRAINING is usually held in February. Please check back for more information or contact Joshua Dukart at 701.870.1184 or email

Holistic Management Schools
  • Introduction to Holistic Management
  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Holistic Biological Planning (Grazing/Cropping)
  • Holistic Biological Monitoring
  • Holistic Land Planning

Additional Services
  • Facilitation of group & family consensus building
  • Individual & group Consultation on goal setting, decision-making, and creating/revising Holistic Context
  • Consultation & Teaching services on financial, biological, and land planning
  • On site Facilitation of pasture, crop, and soil health educational tours
  • Speaking engagements for technical & social based events
  • Facilitation of brainstorming activities & analysis of enterprises
  • Teaching of whole farm planning & land management courses

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